Concept unic de afaceri

Retea internationala de unitati de productie si depozite, pentru ambalaje de lemn si produse de manipulare

PalletBiz foloseste doar lemn din surse responsabile

PalletBiz este certificat FSC și se angajează să adopte o poziție de lider în industria lemnului, sa mențina biodiversitatea pădurilor, productivitatea, precum și procesele ecologice.

Noi facem diferenta

Succesul nostru este rezultatul direct, al eforturilor depuse de intreaga echipa, si suntem mandrii, contribuitori activi la comunitatea locala.


The concept underlining the PalletBiz Business System, is the establishment of an international network of wood packaging production units and distribution depots for packaging and handling materials. From the initial strong quality production base in Europe we will expand in other parts of the world, and by working together across borders we shall achieve economies of scale as well as a unique customer service profile.

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Apart from procedures on Operational Excellence, the “PalletBiz Way” comprises policies on Corporate Social Repsonsibility (CSR) as well as guidelines on Environment, Health and Safety (EHS).

As mentioned in our Mission statement we shall achieve our goals while at the same time ensuring adherence to international standards for CSR and EHS. Our production units are often being certified in accordance with the CSR and/or EHS standards of our clients or our financial partners.

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In PalletBiz, we believe in a very simple set of core values that guide our approach to doing business across countries and cultural differences:

  • Openness: Only if we communicate openly will we be able to build relationships, meet challenges, and take advantage of opportunities
  • Loyalty – whether we consider internal relations (HR) or external (Clients/Suppliers/Parners) relations, we will be looking to create team work and long term relationships

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